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My new account is :iconmoreven: Moreven

I won't be posting anything new on this account but I'll remain active otherwise on cbMorrie for awhile.

As for some explanation for why: The big reason is DeviantArt has a horrible user management system so largely I feel like making a new account is just the easiest route. I can't delete my comments, I can't undo my history here. What that largely means is that old work tends to overshadow the new. I started using DVart when I was 15-16? I had just "lost faith" and I thought it was important to draw shitty atheist art. I still get comments from yeeeaars back and I don't even agree with myself. If you search my user name all you get is shitty controversial stuff. Most of the favorites I get are about those and I've been getting into the habit of deleting when that happens.  I just feel why keep up that pattern when I can just make a new account and largely not be associated with that stuff anymore.  It's not exactly that I'm ashamed of it but rather I'm surprised how much attention it's still getting.

Otherwise, I'm really tired of using DeviantArt and I've finally come to realized it's a terrible site...but kind of stuck with it until I get find something new or get my own website.

Thanks! =D