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My new account is :iconmoreven: Moreven

I won't be posting anything new on this account but I'll remain active otherwise on cbMorrie for awhile.

As for some explanation for why: The big reason is DeviantArt has a horrible user management system so largely I feel like making a new account is just the easiest route. I can't delete my comments, I can't undo my history here. What that largely means is that old work tends to overshadow the new. I started using DVart when I was 15-16? I had just "lost faith" and I thought it was important to draw shitty atheist art. I still get comments from yeeeaars back and I don't even agree with myself. If you search my user name all you get is shitty controversial stuff. Most of the favorites I get are about those and I've been getting into the habit of deleting when that happens.  I just feel why keep up that pattern when I can just make a new account and largely not be associated with that stuff anymore.  It's not exactly that I'm ashamed of it but rather I'm surprised how much attention it's still getting.

Otherwise, I'm really tired of using DeviantArt and I've finally come to realized it's a terrible site...but kind of stuck with it until I get find something new or get my own website.

Thanks! =D…

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Thank you Shiv! by cbMorrie

Big thanks to Shiv :icons-d-f-studios: for being a patron. Part of the reward system I set up was I would email my parents to let them know I am not wasting time. I wanted to share the conversation. =)

I got a patron for my drawings after I made this. I'm now paid $1.50 every time I draw and post something.  It's not much but I think it's exciting random strangers are liking my drawings enough to give me money.

I'm glad your art is paying a little bit.  How is the money transferred?  I'd use PayPal or something like that.  Do NOT give anyone direct access to your bank account; that's getting more risky these days.  
It also raised a question in my mind about copyright.  If an artist starts out on deviantart, and accepts payment for drawings, then becomes famous, and if then that artist's earlier works become valuable, I wonder about the copyright, i.e., who "owns" the work?  You, or the person who paid you a commission (your patron)?  And, what if several people paid for the same work?  The copyright laws, as little as I understand them, haven't caught up to the digital age.

Oh dad! You're so silly! Kinda flattering he thinks I might be famous. The rest of the conversazione was just me explaining what I think I know about copy rights.  Also money is direct deposit....hmmmmmmmm.
I've been playing a lot of shovel knight recently and, let me tell ya, it's the best game ever.  It's everything great about old games expect perfectly refined.  The thing I love about is I will likely never play Megaman or if I do will probably not enjoy it all that much but Shovel Knight is very much inspired by Megaman.  I just love how a new game can make a newer generation gamer like me understand what an older game meant to people.  Shovel Knight has that weird balance of nostalgia and progress.  Also, I think Shovel Knight finally made me realize that Indi Games are going places and we don't need generic big name companies recycling old content forever.

Whelp, here is the progress for current Shovel Knight fanart.  I plan on actually coloring this and putting the lineart up for patrons only on my Patreon page.  I'm also currently lacking a scanner so kinda can't really get drawing on the computer yet until the end of this month OH WELL.

Also this is why the right side of my sketches are always smudged.

I get that feeling like someone caught you with your pants down in the public bathrooms.  Seriously, uh hi thanks for looking my way....oh I have food in my teeth eeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm gonna go home...

:iconchoppywings: Oh my fucking god.  What is this?!  Wha-? WHAT?! LOOK AT THOSE COLORS!  LOOK AT MORTY'S FACE! IT"S SO GOOD! I don't understand how good this is!  I can't understand it!  It's so pretty!  (Thanks for visiting my page you think I'm crazy that's okay)
Rick and Morty by Choppywings

:icongambargin:  Jesus CHRIST! WHAT"S HAPPENING?!  THERE IS SO MUCH TO LOOK AT! Look at that detail! Look at that FACE! That is a realistic badass face!  And the light, lordy! THERE IS FUCKING LIGHT AND IT CREATES PERFECT SHADOWS!
Project Fantasia: Lady Cassandra of House Draconis by Gambargin

:iconfeloniusmonk:  ........aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! <3
Overworld Redone Wallpaper by FeloniusMonk
I've been seeing a lot of pro-porn content on DeviantART lately.  Basically the message being that porn is also art and should be allowed on DVart.  I don't disagree that porn is art and can be creative.  Man, I have seen the most beautiful, artistic, lovely drawings of a ladies giving dudes a blowjob. Creating porn can be amazing art work; though that's not the point.

But guys....seeeeeeeeeerriouuuuuusssllly, you do NOT want porn and free range rules on DeviantART.  Holy shiiiiiiit you do not want that here.  I have absolutely nothing against porn.  I, in fact, enjoy it quite a lot!  But holy balls, I know the DVart cannot handle the depths of where porn can go.  

Oh my gawd!  Some of these people who are arguing for porn on Deviantart give me the impression that they think porn is just showing intercourse.  Sexy, hot, consensual intercourse.  Ha HA HA HA!!!  Okay, okay, if you are over 18 (no liability on my part) I want you to go to 4chan and I want you to click on the Hentai/alternative folder.

This is what you're going to get with no rules, anything goes, for porn on DVart.
- rape threads, gang bangs, anything non-consensual 
- fetish threads including such things as pets and diapers.
- Futa and traps which are words for girls with dicks.
- Bondage and sex slave threads
- Toooooooooooooooons of anal and things being put up people's butt
- Animals on humans, plants on humans, monsters raping humans, bugs raping women.
- Torture
- Women hooked up as cattle for milking.  Men hooked up as cattle for milking

The list goes on forever!  And this is art! No joke! That whole folder is really high quality artwork that people put time into!  It defiantly qualifies as art!  And again, I have nothing against porn!  I don't care what anyone jacks off to because these things are just drawings.  I actually prefer drawings of porn because even getting into darker themes it's not real.  But back to the point, it is really high quality artwork.  

Maybe Deviantart could relax a little but I dunno, DVart is allowed to have their rules.  I don't mind that here it's PG-13 rated.  If I want R-rated stuff I can go to Tumblr or 4chan.  Personally I wish DeviantART would crack down more on the meme generators cause that shit is annoying and lazy.
The first thing I ever started drawing around 2008 was a comic.  During that time of my life, I spent a LOT of time on online, especially playing World of Warcraft online.  I meet a group of people who became the biggest things in my life.  From this group I met my gentleman friend; yea we met online and I moved in with him later.  But we all loved going to this one scenario in the game so I started drawing about it.  I never finished it, it's terrible, but because it was about us everyone loved it.
Kara Pg 22 by cbMorrieKara Pg 1 by cbMorrieKara Pg 28 by cbMorrie

I'm sure I drew stuff in 2009 but I joined DVart later and uploaded a lot of things at once.  I can't tell what might have been done in 2009 vs 2010.

Drawings are more personal and more focused around my life.  I still enjoy fantasy but at this time I was still a freshman in college and thought more about what I was doing.
Dorm Kids Pg 2 by cbMorrieNobles of NAS by cbMorrieIsn't she a Botanist? by cbMorrie

Not much has changed from 2010.  My online friends are still a major part of my life and I'm getting more back into fantasy.  I think this was around the time I decided I was no longer a Christian and did not believe in God anymore.  I was an angry, confused teenager then and a lot of drawings are about atheism.  Some of the drawings were so stupid and just bashing that I later deleted them from DVart.  Drawing at this time became an outlet. (It still is but I hope it's a more positive one.)
Heroes of Entelechy by cbMorrieCondescending Atheist by cbMorrieHappy Rapture Day 2011 by cbMorrie

Life takes a big turn.  I drop out of college, move to another state with my boyfriend, attend community college and do a year internship with environmental restoration.  CRAZY changes that have all been for the best.  My life comics are more about me in a relationship. I'm still using drawing as an outlet for opinions and hopefully my opinions are more refined.  Still loving fantasy and starting my first experiments with using digital color.  I was using GIMP at the time.
My 21st Birthday by cbMorrieScience and God by cbMorrieMoreven the Dark by cbMorrieCommission: Naga Contest Winner 1 by cbMorrie

I'm getting a little more confident with colors but it's something I struggle with.  Fantasy has taken center stage and my opinions are more left to comments at 2 in the morning.  I start using SAI paint for coloring and the results are much better than using GIMP.  Looking back I don't feel I really had a style I liked.  I struggled a lot with anatomy and proportions and everything I drew never looked right to me.
Sentai Portrat by cbMorrieGarret the Beggar Thief by cbMorriePikmin CHARGE! by cbMorrieWomen of Warcraft by cbMorrie

Lucca and Robo Fire Punch is the first drawing I feel happy about.  Yea there are things I could have done better but it's the first drawing where I am just pleased with the style.  I learn that I LOVE cartoons and may be on a cartoon rampage for awhile.  This drawing clicked in my head how I will start making a draft and using anatomy.  In the past I felt I just tried to trace what I was thinking in my head and maybe sometimes it came out right.  I'm currently trying to practice more realistic anatomy but for now I always know I will find happiness in silly cartoons.
My opinion drawings are still there but I try to focus them more around activism and awareness.  
Chrono Tigger: Lucca and Robo: Lineart by cbMorrieRick and Morty: Lineart by cbMorrieDeath of Darunia: Lineart by cbMorrieGeek Girls got Nothing to Prove by cbMorrieGirls not Brides by cbMorrie
I've started moving away from coloring which I'm trying not to do but I find practicing lineart has been fun.  I've been looking around DVart at people's lineart and learning about using solid black areas, double lines and hash marks.  I use references ALL THE TIME NOW.  It becomes difficult to draw away from the computer because I am always looking around DVart for stuff.  I feel like now the next challenge is to get back into coloring and start doing comics.  I've had a ton of comic ideas in my head but feel intimidated in actually making them.


Working with Mentally Disabled Adults

Tue Jun 24, 2014, 12:03 PM
A few months ago, I applied for a job where I thought I would be working in a facility for the mentally disabled.  I thought I might be the lady behind the front desk or a cleaning staff for the building or something.  Turns out, they were hiring support staff to work directly with MD adults in their own homes.  ((I'll use MD for short))  I had no experience working with MD adults and they were going to stick me in a house alone with two of them.  And they knew I had no experience because I told them during the interview.  It didn't matter though because they would provide the training, they just needed people willing to do it.

So I did to it and these past few months have been a crash course in communication and reading people; that's all it is.  Although MD adults may have different diagnosis, it tends to come down to trouble communicating wants and needs.  Like anyone else, wants and needs are as simple as: attention, support, food, entertainment, fun, sleep, excitement, etc.  The easy analogy would be to say that MD adults are like children who haven't developed enough brain power to connect the dots between positive behavior and getting the things you want....however, comparing MD adults to children isn't really accurate.

In Washington State, mentally disabled people have the same rights as individuals as everyone else.  My job isn't to control and protect the client but to help them work through feeling and actions they want to take or have already taken.  If a client says "I am going to eat all the whole box of chocolates!" I only have to say, "Okay, that's your choice but remember you told me you wanted to lose weight so eating all that chocolate might not help."  The client is then made aware of the natural consequences of their actions and can learn from it later.  It's different from how you might treat a child where you would just take the chocolate away.  Washington State laws in general demand that I see myself as a guest in clients' lives.  It's their house, their food, their room, their job, their money etc etc etc.

Maybe 60 years ago in the US that setting was drastically different.  I think now I believe that mentally disabled adults have been the longest time running most abused minority.  Financially abused, mentally abused, physically abused and sexually abused.  It's difficult because most MD adults don't understand they're a victim and can't report the abuser.  It apparently is the case that some people seek out jobs with MD adults because they need an outlet to abuse.  Most MD adults who sexually abused minors were themselves sexually abused and they thought that's how you express love.  Our administrator who has been working with MD adults for over 20 years said that even in his experience things have dramatically changed.  He used to work in a setting where the support staff was the "parent" and would treat MD adults like children.  Now the law is to treat them like adults and the cases of bad behaviors has taken a nose dive.

I wanted to write something because this job has been scary, enlightening, rewarding and stressful.  Everything I thought about mentally disabled people has completely changed.  MD people are smarter than you think and in my opinion more honest about what they want than other people.  How I communicate, even outside of work has changed.  All of which has been for the better.

Though this job makes you think more about how our personalities and moods are chemical reactions in our brains and how something slightly off can changed everything.  I have an uncle who is mentally disabled and he has lived in a facility in CA his whole life and I did not know he existed until about three years ago.  My mom was also suicidal during a time in our lives which I can only described brought on because of stress and something wrong chemically.  Mental health is still a taboo to most people; we don't like to think that anything could be wrong with our head or that a pill could help us feel better.

Where am I going with this?  I really have no idea.  I feel I've just had all this information crammed into my head and I need to let it out.  I can answer some questions but I feel I might try drawing some stuff about this (yea I say that a lot!)

Yup!  I normally just discard my drafts but have decided to start uploading them.  However they tend to be low quality so I don't want them showing up on people's inboxes unless they choose to.  If you do end up looking at them, my drafts tend to be very different from my lineart like most artists, some of the time, maybe!  Also there are gonna be doodles in there of things I won't ever complete, maybe, I dunno, I don't like pressure!

Otherwise, please accept a very funny video my gentleman's little siblings, aka the kids, showed me.

Bee and Puppy-cat

I have a tumblr account

Wed May 28, 2014, 3:09 PM

Nothing special but if you have a Tumblr account too I'd love to check it out.  I kinda wanted to give Tumblr a try given its "no rules" policy.

Work in Progress: Rick and Morty

Mon May 19, 2014, 10:44 AM

I don't know what to do with my journal entries...

Lucca and Robo: Background Ideas?

Tue Apr 29, 2014, 7:21 PM
I'm having a lot of trouble finding time to finish this.  Anyone have input on what the background should be?  (Truthfully I posted this to get the wall of text off my front page.)

An entry as a request from :iconnatalyabass: who asked for input on starting a secular student club.  It's a big answer so I wanted to put it in my journal section.  

The best resource for starting a secular student club is the Secular Student Alliance.  They are completely supportive and will assist with any resources you need.

Some tips from my experience:

1) As soon as possible, start planning for who will replace you as president or club leader

Most new clubs discontinue after the founder leaves.  It's easy to fall into the obligation to do everything in the club yourself but it's important to delegate.  Encourage people to take a more active role in the club sooner, so when you leave there will be more people interested in taking over.  I also would consider not starting a club in your freshman year.  Get comfortable with your college first.

Secular Student Society by cbMorrie

2) Do not make the club solely about atheism or non-belief.

There is no fun sitting in a room talking about what you don't believe.

When you start your club, be aware of what your community and your members enjoy.  Not every club meeting has to be deep debate about religious/philosophical issues.  In fact, the less you concern your club with religion the better.  Your club is not about religion; it's about your members and doing things without religious context.  Making every club meeting into a secular agenda becomes either depressing or boring.

I started my Secular Student Club in northern California in a college town.  Likely 90% of students, including myself, were pursuing environmental degrees.  Therefore, a lot of our club activities involved volunteer work for environmental restoration.  It was fun for us to hang out as a group and it gave us community service to put on our resumes; we also got to explore Northern California this way.

Orick Farms and River Damage by cbMorrie Secular Volunteers by cbMorrie

3) Religious clubs and folks will approach you.  It's okay, most are open and friendly.

This will happen surprisingly a lot.  My club was not considered to be in a conservative area but nearly every school has one or two Christian clubs.  Members or founders of these clubs will likely come to you if you are tabling in an open area.  Perhaps naturally, they may expect you to be hostile.  ( I only say this because that is what most have told me afterwards. )  

Visitors to your table curious and there to learn about you.  Most will explain what they think an secular club is.  The most common question I got was something along the lines of "Are you an anti-theist group?"  When this question was asked, I would explain that we are more of a social group for like-minded individuals.  I would also show them examples from our upcoming activities that prove that our club is not full of militant atheists.  

It's natural to expect some kind of resistance from religious folk.  Like me, you may have had bad experiences living in religious communities or maybe you've just seen stuff on the internet.  However, most visitors have their own misconceptions about non-religious folk (particularly atheists) and the general secular community.  The best part is, they are visiting your table because they have misconceptions and they're curious if they're right or not.  You have the opportunity to change any misconceptions and it's a cool experience.  Most visitors I got were really happy to learn we were not an anti-theist group and that we did community service and fun stuff like movie nights.  I even had one mother, who was a Christian, say she was really happy her son, who was not religious, would be in a club like ours.  

Also, many questions may come off as rude or disrespectful but always remember those questions are likely rooted in misconceptions and it's your chance to directly address them.  

However, as I say this there were times were people wanted to start debates.  One guy even started it when we were just chillin' at an art fair.  Feel free to give your opinion and whatnot but if you really don't want to debate with random strangers then just invite them to your next meeting.  They usually don't care that much to show.

Simply put, don't think that you'll always be forced to defend your club and treat questions as honest inquires and not as challenges.

Flying Spaghetti Monster Emote by cbMorrie

4) When using your club on your resume

It's difficult to decide whether or not to put secular club activities on your resume.  If you live in a more Christian conservative area, employers may ignore your resume.  Other employers specifically say do not put anything on your resume that relates to religion, political, race, gender etc etc, because they do not want someone later saying, for example, they were not hired because they're black and their resume said "Black Student Association" or something.  In that case, your efforts at your club may seem to have no after benefit.  However, most work places do not care although there are ways to better describe your club.

- I would not put "atheist" or "agnostic" on your resume.  They're very jarring words (whether that is fair or not is beside the point).  Plus, implying that you are atheist or agnostic is a meaningless description of yourself for a job.  "Secular" is a good word.  It's general and classy looking.

- Describe your club as something that benefits students.  Your employer does not care about the values of secularism or the importance of separation of church and state.  How did your club contribute to your school and provide positive social outlets.

- If you founded the club, what did you learn about organization, speaking, and leadership.  Doesn't matter if you founded the Kittenz4Evah club, you learned something about organization, speaking and leadership that is gold for your resume.

There will eventually come a point where college clubs are a silly thing to put on resumes.  I don't even put my old secular club on my resume cause it was years ago.  All the skills I got were eventually replaced with more relevant experiences.  So don't think that starting a club will be a permanent feature on your resume

Atheist A Icon by cbMorrie

5) Enjoy your club

Yes, the meaningless last rule for everything.  But seriously, clubs are meant to be fun.  It's easy to get caught up in a mission but remember, it's a club.  Maybe a religious club won't like you, fuck 'em, it's not their club.  Maybe your club just wants to eat popcorn while watching Game of Thrones, fuck yea, it's your club.

Work in Progress: Lucca and Robo

Mon Apr 14, 2014, 7:31 PM
Something I have been working on for a while but barely getting through cause of lack of time.  I've been wanting to share it and also getting any input on drawing robots as I continue.  I can never seem to get robots to look right.

Please give input!

I finally got internet in my new place!

Commission Info

Tue Mar 11, 2014, 10:48 AM
I have the luxury of declining anything I don't feel comfortable drawing. Don't worry about asking though.

I'm not great with deadlines on commissions. I'll finish as soon as possible but I'd rather not promise a date.

Pay what-you-want Commissions

As the name implies, you get to pay what you want for your commissions.  Regardless of what's requested in a commission, you can pay what you think it's worth.  Both points and paypal are accepted

Why do this?  I'm not a professional artist so drawing is simply for fun.  Even so, it's rewarding to earn a little profit for drawing.  I really don't know what my commissions are worth so you get to help me out!

I'll accept payment after the commission is done. I'd prefer if you don't tell me how much you'll pay until after the commission is done.

Suggestions for commissions
sketch :bulletred: ink (no color) :bulletred: color (flat colors with shading) :bulletred: full color (color bending a.k.a best I can do)

Pikmin CHARGE! by cbMorrieGeek Girls got Nothing to Prove by cbMorrieChrono Tigger: Lucca and Robo: Lineart by cbMorrieSentai Portrat by cbMorrie

Art with a Heart

Why not do a good deed for the love of art?!  Donate to any of the listed organizations bellow and help out your fellow human being.  Your charitable actions will be included in the comment section of your commission.  Donations much be at least $10.  Please send me a link of the receipt.

Members of Girls Not Brides: The Global Partnership to End Child Marriage are committed to ending child marriage, a harmful traditional practice that affects millions of children, predominantly girls, every year. As members of Girls Not Brides, we are joining together to accelerate efforts to prevent child marriage, and to support girls who are or have been married, all over the world.  Girls Not Brides will amplify the voices of girls at risk of child marriage and defend the rights of girls to health, education and the opportunity to fulfil their potential. In line with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, we believe that 18 should be the minimum age of marriage for boys and girls.  In working to end child marriage, we believe that social change cannot succeed without community engagement. Members of Girls Not Brides will work together to enhance and strengthen efforts to end child marriage at community, local, national and global levels.

God Loves Uganda explores the role of the American evangelical movement in Uganda, where American missionaries have been credited with both creating schools and hospitals and promoting dangerous religious bigotry.  The film follows evangelical leaders in America and Uganda along with politicians and missionaries as they attempt the task of eliminating “sexual sin” and converting Ugandans to fundamentalist Christianity.

EarthCorps is a local restoration organization based out of Sand Point in Seattle, WA.  They are affiliated with AmeriCorps whose mission is to provide young Americans with jobs and training.  I recently just completed a year long volunteer service at EarthCorps.  My job included, removing invasive plants to the Northwest, planting natives, educating local communities on ecology and overall improving Seattle's Urban Parks.
I owe a lot of new skills to EarthCorps and I hope to give back in what way I can.  If you have any questions about EarthCorps, please feel free to ask.

Part of EarthCorps's mission is to invite international participates to learn about ecology and non-profit in the United States.  International participates stayed with us for six months out of the year.  During that time, I got to know a young man from Haiti.  He currently runs an orphanage with his mother and they are raising 14 children.  Most of these children lost their parents through the latest earthquake.  Raising children is expensive and any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.